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Writing Prompt Wednesday: Inspiration

It’s Writing Prompt Wednesday and week two of July’s Camp NaNoWriMo, that 30-day writing challenge when you set your own word count goal. How’s everyone doing? If you’re stuck, sometimes it helps to mine story ideas from the real life news.

gay space colonies

Photo credit Rocky Mountain Mike

For example, back in May 2016, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert gave a speech against sending gay couples up in space if NASA were ever to move forward with a space colony after an apocalyptic event on Earth. He claims gay couples wouldn’t help propagate.  He also rambles a lot in his 4:47 clip.  So many angles on this story folks!  So. Many. Angles. It’s worth a quick view while you take a break from Pokemon Go.

Need more proof of the wealth of creative fodder this story offers? Give a listen to this brief tune “Gay Space Colonies” by Rocky Mountain Mike.  Inspired.



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Writing Prompt Wednesday: Caption This

do it storyCamp NaNoWriMo is a modified version of National Novel Writing Month that will take place in April. It’s a free online event that encourages you to shake off the winter blues and get back into your novel!  Participants can set their own word goals, join a virtual tent of fellow campers and work on any project they choose.  Some of you Wrimos may be familiar with a plot device known as “The Traveling Shovel of Death” which can be pretty handy to increase your novel’s word count if the TSoD shows up in your book!  I saw this picture and I wondered how useful it might be for Camp NaNoWriMo…  What do you think folks?  What would your MC do if they came across an axe emblazoned with the message DO IT?


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