A to Z Blogging Challenge, S: SQUEEE! Sedaris!

David-SedarisA few weeks ago, I spent a delightful evening seeing humorist David Sedaris at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord. A bonus of the night was that our two older daughters came up from their colleges for the show; tickets had been a Christmas present for the five of us who know his work (our youngest had her own magical night sleeping over at her friend’s house). David entered the stage wearing culottes, and then proceeded to read a story printed in the New Yorker about shopping in Tokyo.  I’ve read his books but wasn’t aware that he was writing for The New Yorker, so now I feel like I have a weekly  treat that I can look forward to between the publication of his books.  SQUEEEE!

Many years ago, a librarian I used to work with recommended that I check out one of his audio books to listen to on my long drive down to Indianapolis for my library classes, and oh my.  I found myself laughing so hard that I had to pull over, stop the CD, and pull it out of the player.  If you’ve listened to Sedaris read his own work, you’ll know he’s that funny.

Seeing a favorite author is such an emotional experience.  We fans love our favorite authors because their writing lifts from the page and speaks to us.  They can articulate things we thing and feel that we aren’t even aware of how to begin to express.  Sedaris read from his work and then raised the house lights and answered Q&As from the audience for two hours.  We waited in the book signing line for another hour, and honestly, I smiled and just basked in the enjoyment of the experience the whole time.  He was every bit as charming and delightful and funny and irreverent as he appears in his work. I held it together until we crossed the threshold on the way out to the vestibule, at which point I turned to my husband, threw my arms around him and sobbed. So many times I’d missed the opportunity to see his show on a book tour when my path didn’t quite align with his – my husband estimated it was about 11 years I’d been waiting – it might have been more , but 11 from the first time I saw that he was on tour. We’d just arrived in Germany, and David was going to be in Munich, but since I hadn’t learned the language or public transportation system, I had no way to travel the few miles to the venue.

That show felt like a culmination of so many good things – family, love, laughter, stories.  So wonderful to have a bit of Christmas in the spring.

During April, I’m participating in The A to Z Blogging Challenging, blogging 26 days of the month on writing topics while systematically moving through the alphabet. The goal is to develop a more regular blogging habit and network with other bloggers.  Join us!


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