A to Z Blogging Challenge: H, Hero’s Journey

hero's journeyFor today’s letter, H, I’m looking at my writer’s bookshelf – in particular, Joseph Campbell’s classic “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” Campbell, an American mythological researcher, discovered many common patterns in hero myths and stories from around the world. In college, we studied Campbell’s story structure through the Star Wars trilogy, so this structure is pretty ingrained in how I organize a book. George Lucas claims that Campbell’s monomyth was the inspiration for his groundbreaking films. Lucas also believes that Star Wars is such a popular saga because it taps into a timeless story-structure which has existed for thousands of years.






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4 responses to “A to Z Blogging Challenge: H, Hero’s Journey

  1. One of my favorite books and thinkers 🙂 I used the Hero’s Journey graphic when I taught the Odyssey to ninth graders. Great post–I’m stopping by on the A-Z Challenge 🙂

  2. Ahhh, I love the Odyssey! I have several versions…most recently a graphic novel by Gareth Hinds…! Thanks for visiting; I’ll be sure to stop by your blog and take a gander.

  3. I’ve been experimenting with an ultra simplified version of Campbell’s Hero’s Journey – it’s an 8 step cycle described by Dan Harmon on his channel 101 website and I’ve spent a few of my own blog posts exploring it and applying it to an animated series called Over the Garden Wall. While I hope to use Campbell’s hero’s journey to add more layers to my story, I think Harmon’s version is a superb start point. It’s an excellent brainstorming aid, a way to push the seed of an idea through the muddy middle and out into the fresh air of… ugh. Seed analogy meh. Point is I struggle to get my stories finished (much like that metaphor). I struggle with structure and end up pantsing myself into oblivion. Another glorious beginning with a squidgy middle and no end in sight. If you’re interested in story structure and brainstorming aids maybe take a look at my recent posts and let me know if you think it’s a system that might help you too.

    • wilabea94

      Thanks I will definitely look into that resource and your blog. Sometimes I think I get stuck on the hero’s journey too – I wonder if *every* story matches up plotwise, and maybe mine don’t, yet it’s the structural format my teaches were certainly stressing back in college. I have a problem with creating an antagonist outside my MC’s head.

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