A to Z Blogging Challenge: “D” – Dogs, Dewey

Sure, the librarian stereotype brands us as cat lovers…but today, in honor of  the Letter D consider this: Reading Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Melvil Dewey! Our library hosts reading dogs, but we’ve never cataloged them.  Very clever.



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4 responses to “A to Z Blogging Challenge: “D” – Dogs, Dewey

  1. My husband is a professor at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) and they have dog therapy where students can hang out with dogs for relaxation. I wish my college had done this back in the day.

    • wilabea94

      Wonderful! I’ve seen alot of reading improvement with our younger patrons who come regularly to read to our reading dogs. The kids relax and aren’t distracted by whatever they’ve been told about their reading struggles. My oldest daughter texted me with great excitement when she came across some therapy dogs who were visiting her school (Quinnipiac) because she knew I’d appreciate it! – Thanks for taking a peek at the blog.

  2. My niece’s college would bring in dogs the week of exams and kids could schedule time with a dog 🙂 Do you know about the library cat Dewey Readmore Books? If not, look him up! Great post 🙂 I’m stopping by from the A-Z Challenge and have you on my Feedly now.

    • wilabea94

      Thank you! I’ll check out your blog too – this is a fun challenge! Yes! I’ve read about Dewey the Library Cat!! A Legend!!

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