A to Z Challenge: Change

Day 3: Change

You all know about change, more than I can say.

From the great Judy Blume, consider this:



During April, I’m participating in The A to Z Blogging Challenging, blogging 26 days of the month on topics that systematically move through the alphabet. The goal is to develop a more regular blogging habit and network with other bloggers.  Join us!



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11 responses to “A to Z Challenge: Change

  1. What a great quote 🙂

    • wilabea94

      I agree — Judy Blume was the author of my generation, and so many of her books had such beautiful, pure truths about life.

  2. drkottaway

    …and does change surface in our behavior…. and how do people respond? Change is all the time! Half of my clinic patient complaints are along the lines of: something is changing in my body or mind or both!!

    • wilabea94

      Yes – I just posted this morning about E – Expectations and I think that’s the other piece of this. Change, are we resistant to change, and how that is all based on our expectations. Change is difficult and scary and all that, but life isn’t stagnant.

  3. This is a profound statement. Sometimes I feel that ‘children’s literature’ is an undiscovered country. And then I set out happily, by myself, to visit each and every place on the map.

    • wilabea94

      No arguments here! I was trained as a Children’s Librarian (I’m a Library Director now) and my fun reading is YA and Children’s. I was once at a conference where they were saying if you want to know what’s developing in the visual arts, look at picture books. That’s where some innovative stuff is happening. –Thanks for the peek at my blog; love meeting a fellow bibliophile!

  4. i’m enjoying your playful quotes and posts inspiring us! not just for writing, but for life as well! (don’t be an indecisive squirrel!) and gotta love Judy Blume!

  5. Oh, I love this quote! Good find!

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