Saturday Scramble: Flying Update

WP_003194 (1)“Later is a lie that never happens unless you set your mind to clearing out your mind clutter! That is all procrastination really is!”

In January, 2016 I decided to take control of my disorganized home and try FLYing (Finally Loving Yourself). Here’s a thoughtful email update from the FlyLady herself, Marla Cilley, posted on her website that I received this week. As you can see from this photo of my living room (or maybe you can’t), decluttering is process.  Most of the items in the picture that need to be tidied are my daughter’s – and she tends to spread out and play in this room or the kitchen while I’m working at my desk near the window.  A busy, long afternoon yesterday and the day before caused her to drop her karate things and swimming things in exhaustion, and since I got dinner on late, I didn’t ask her to pick up before she went to bed.  I admit that sometimes the decluttering process is mentally overwhelming, but I’m trying to do my 15 minutes a day in my weekly zone around all the other obligations I have in my life.


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