Saturday Scramble: Better Late Than Never

dinosaurs oilIt’s funny how common phrases are slightly scrambled until someone finally corrects you.  Like saying “Statue of limitations” instead of “Statute of limitations” or ordering an “expresso” vs an “espresso.” Saddling a character with incorrect usage is a nice device to use because it helps quickly define them – pitting a know-it-all  against a naive character– because we all know someone like that. During a recent Sunday School class my students and I were discussing enduring through trials. I’ve discovered that I can very easily open up discussion if I mention dealing with siblings. One bright student said he’d “Have to stand them” and then as an answer to my quizzical expression he produced the explanation of that first statement, “You know, because I can’t stand them, I’ll have to stand them.” His statement was expressed with such conviction that fortunately I was able to bite my lip and keep from hooting out loud.

Granted, my student is young, but this recent post from Knowable on the Interweb gathered a handful of “facts” from Reddit that folks admit to believing until…well…far too long.  My husband has laughed quite a bit over the years at my expense and naïveté…for example, for some reason I had assumed that since oil came from dinosaurs that dinosaurs had pretty much dropped dead wherever a gas station was located and I had voiced my astonishment at the coincidence and frequency of dinosaurs dying at intersections. Of course I had my share of chuckles during one of our early dates when he was wondering about “Generation the Tenth” (that’s Generation X for those who remember when that label was buzzing) And…yikes…I didn’t know the little piggy who went to market didn’t go to buy groceries until…pretty much just now…


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