Writing Prompt Wednesday: Page 45

pick up the nearest book

“We’ll rent the rest of your equipment – that just leaves a mouthguard and a water bottle.” – Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson.  I’ve just finished reading this title that we’re considering for the new Isinglass Award list and I’ll write a review of it later.  As for the quote…I’ve been married for 21 years so…no comment!   Ok – your turn!



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3 responses to “Writing Prompt Wednesday: Page 45

  1. Bea

    Assuming it’s the first complete sentence on the page:
    “He wrote as many as 1,500 plays (of which 470 have survived), and his output included comedias, autos sacramentales, and loas (prologues) and entremeses (interludes), which were performed before and between the acts of plays, respectively.”

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