Friday Fun: Brick by Brick

temple of artAn inspiring clip from a film from co-creators Allan Amato & Olga Nunes, Temple of Art, is about why we need to do the hard work of creating art with comments from over 40 creators including Neil Gaiman, Billy Bob Thornton, Amanda Palmer, Kevin Smith, Ben Folds, Chuck Palahniuk, Grant Morrison & Molly Crabapple. Their message? You have permission to create.

“Have you ever pulled over the side of the road to hear a song again from the beginning, or seen a painting that just seemed impossible? How does this beautiful thing exist? How does a person decide, day after day, to build their life around making such a thing happen? Imagine you got to hang out with some of your favorite artists; now imagine you asked them: Why do you make art?

“TEMPLE OF ART is a documentary that looks at what it even means to be an artist, how to fail beautifully, and proceed with courage.”


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