Saturday Scramble: Beginnings

Trying something new today…adding a Saturday post to catch random or percolating thoughts, updates on writing, family, work or other things that don’t fit into my current posting schedule.  I’m ready to take this to another level, go deeper, create original content, and share more cross-postings from talented colleagues.

To inaugurate, here’s a fantastic post from Caroline Starr Rose’s page, “To Beginners and Ever-New Beginnings”.  Bombarded by New Year’s Resolution-themed “Just do it-ims” and finger-pointing  statements like “You lack discipline to be successful,” from seasoned “pros,” I find Yankoski‘s perspective true and hopeful, cultivating a mindset that can develop small progress toward a desired goal.  And I think the key is small progress, closing the gap between aspirations abilities…hey, throw in a full time job, family, necessary down time, and all your other obligations you need to work around…and allowing for forgiveness over setbacks, delays and ever-new beginnings.

caroline“There is something beautiful and clarifying and terrifying all at once in being at the beginning… To be a beginner is to be full of hope-filled humility, to be overflowing with eager expectation that is simultaneously held in check by the obvious gap between your aspirations and current abilities. To be a beginner is to be pregnant with dreams but nascent with skill, and then to set about the work of cultivating the life of both.”
— Michael Yankoski, The Sacred Year



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3 responses to “Saturday Scramble: Beginnings

  1. Looking forward to your Saturday posts, friend!

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