Writing Prompt Wednesday




May 6, 2015 · 8:21 am

2 responses to “Writing Prompt Wednesday

  1. Truthfully, I’d rather tell a different story.But I guess even big hairy scary long-legged tarantulas need their story told…..

  2. wilabea94

    LOL, Allie – actually I had two suggestions via my FB page, both seemed sci-fi.
    1. Paul was described by his widow as unflappable. He disembarked the monorail and sent the following message: There is a giant spider at the terminal chewing on a conductor. I’m picking up Chinese after work. What would you like? (Joe Collins)
    2. Drones were the wave of the future they had said. Home deliveries. Search and rescue. Surveillance. Somehow, Elias mused, the Spyder Drone that had just impaled its metal legs into the concrete courtyard was going to be a PR nightmare. (Trish Glavin)

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