Need Some Creative Confidence? Try Kanye-Confidence!

Yeah, it’s that time of the morning again and I’m taking a break from wrestling with my WIP.  It’s not the whole WIP that’s the problem, it’s the new outline and sometimes it makes sense and other times I have this urge to torch it all.  Whoa, let’s take a breather here, no need to get dramatic.  It must be  time to do a little positive self-talk.  When I can’t generate my own positive self-talk, of course I head to the Interweb – surely that will have something to offer this poor struggling writer, yes?  Oh, my yes!

Thank goodness I’ve just come across this “Kanye West Self-Confidence Generator” published by USA Today.  kanyeGrab a cup of coffee and take a minute to click through some of the inspirational Kanye-isms and I guarantee you’ll gain some perspective on the creative process.  Or at the very least, Kanye’s perspective.


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