That Precarious Book Pile on My Nightstand

WP_002534There’s a “thing” going around the Interwebs asking what authors or librarians read, and as both an author and librarian, in the wake of National Library Week, I felt obligated to comply. So here goes:

It starts with a picture of your nightstand, so here’s mine. This is a photo of my nightstand from two nights ago. The stack of books is *mostly* the last batch of reading I need to do for the Isinglass Teen Read Award Committee that I Chair.  We’re getting to the end of the reading season and are frantically reading all of the final titles that have been submitted. Committee members have until April 20 to vote for their favorites, then I compile the list of up to 15 nominees, which will be revealed at the NH School Library Media Association Conference in May.

The last pile for me are: The Rule of Thre3 by Walters, Girl Geek by SmaleSix Months Later bu RichardsWhen The Game Stands Tall by Hayes.  What you’re not seeing is the eBook of The War That Saved My Life by Bradley on my tablet.

But my nightstand isn’t just about work reading.  I’ve got a few pleasure reads there waiting, like The Unincorporated Man by Kollin, recommended by my daughter’s boy friend who is majoring in international business.  –Now can I digress for a sec about how interesting it is to get a reading suggestion from someone with really different interests than me?  Besides our shared fondness for my daughter, we connected on theorhetical physics and parallel universes (see any previous posts on my WIP) and he rattled off a list of suggested reading.  Then I’ve got two books that I’m reading aloud with our youngest – Cleary’s The Mouse and the Motorcycle and the source material for the very popular movies series How to Train Your Dragon by Cowell.  And finally I’ve got a book authored and self-published by a friend and former library colleague, The Medieval Vagina by Harris and Caskey-Sigety.  And I happened to see that Woodson’s Brown Girl Dreaming was in the library and I was curious about it since it won a Newbery Honor, so I grabbed that up.

Hmmm.  There are other piles of to-be-read books in various spots around the house, but the nightstand one is pretty typical.  Other junk on my nightstand:  Papers unloaded from my bag months ago when I reorganized it that haven’t quite found a home yet.  My alarm clock. A few comic books from Free Comic Book Day (yikes – these are from last year, still unread!) I should offer a caveat that the nightstand actually has storage underneath…but those contents will be displayed and explained for a future posting!

Show and Tell Time – What’s on your nightstand?


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