New Year, New List

It’s a new year and the ITR Committee has been reading suggested titles for this year’s list.

This week I finished listening to Andy Mulligan’s  “Trash,”  which uncovers an ugly reality of society where the poor are trash pickers and suffer at the hands of a corrupt government.  Mulligan, who lives and teaches in the Philippines, avoided naming names and countries, but the situations he describes could happen anywhere.  And probably does.  The accents on the audio were somewhat uneven, but the characters sympathetic and believable.  Great read.

Another high point on the list was “Flip” by Martyn Bedford.  Alex, self-described clarinet playing nerd, wakes in Phillip’s body…and experiences a bit of what life is like for the athletic popular crowd.   Thoughtful and exciting, great for reluctant readers.

This weekend I am tackling Greg van Ekkhout’s “The Boy at the End of the World”.

I’m getting comments back from Willkill on a few titles “The Sight”, “Phantoms in the Snow” and “Jack London”…all which were thumbs down.   Though Willkill is too old now for something that childish — instead, boring books elicit barely a shrug.  (I’ll post his comments later)

We also had several titles added to the list, so I need to see if I can get them on audio.


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